Having a normal body composition is very important because it directly correlates the overall state of health and the lack of it in is an early indicator of potentially serious health complications. An overweight person is not necessarily an obese person. Obesity is precisely defined as an excess of body fat resulting in a significant impairment of health. When the obese, patient loses fat, there is a direct attack on the root cause of such chronic diseases as hypertension, diabetes, cancer and many others losing weight is not necessarily losing fat, one might be sacrificing lean muscle tissues as important electrolytes.

At Rehman Clinic, using a diagnostic medical instrument, we can precisely measure your body fat, lean body mass (muscles, bones, body fluid and connective tissues) and your unique metabolic rate (your ability to burn calories). If you need to reduce body fat while increasing the muscle content you must know your initial body composition and a follow up to measure that your burning fat not wasting muscle during weight loss. The body composition computerized-assisted analyzer recently installed at Rehman Clinic gives you a 6 page clinical prescription for controlling fat through an individualized diet and physical activity recommendations. It guides you permanent life style change to reduce health risks.

The test is simple, completely painless and takes just a few minutes, a couple of sensors are attached to the body (e.g hand and foot ) and the body’s resistance to a weal electrical current checked. It is recommended that you should reanalyzed every six to eight weeks, especially if you have changed your diet or exercise regime.


At Rehman Clinic we believe that changes in eating and exercise behaviors are necessary to ensure long-term weight control.

  • Our scientific weight loss Program combines.
    • Diet
    • Exercise
    • Behavior
  • Our program guarantees an EFFECTIVE and PERMANENT solution to being Overweight.
  • Our team brings many years of international experience, to provide you with your own personalized plan to loose weight and live a healthy life.



  • No two persons route to permanent weight control can ever be the same. The human body presents at once a complex and individual challenge.
  • Nutrition is a science. It is a fact that lasts forever unlike certain called diets.
  • At Rehman Clinic we will discuss the best nutrition plan for you.
  • Using the latest computer assisted technologies, we offer you access to up-to date scientific knowledge.