Diagnostic Radiology (X-Ray) is often the fastest and most standard, first approach to diagnosis for many conditions from bone ailments to gastric disturbances to breathing difficulties. It provides a physician with a view of basic internal anatomy and potential disease. Generally a painless experience, the results can be available in a very short time to aid you and your physician to achieve a speedy recovery. This area consist of:

  • Four (04) general purpose radiographic rooms equipped with state of the art modern machines.
  • Separate room for Fluoroscopic studies.

Services Offered

  • General Radiography, Chest, Skeletal, Abdomen and other body parts X-ray.
  • Contrast studies of upper and lower Gastro-Intestinal tract.
  • Contrast studies of Gentio-urinary systems (IVPS, Cystograms, Hysterosalpingographies etc).
  • Fistulography and Sinnography.
  • ERCP.
  • Sialographies etc.

Ultrasound imaging, also called ultrasound scanning or Sonography is a method of obtaining images from inside the human body through the use of high frequency sound waves. The sound wave echoes are recorded and displayed as areal time visual image. No radiation is involved in ultrasound imaging. Salient features of the Department are:

  • Equipped with modern and state of art ultrasound machine.
  • Full gamut of services including colour Doppler arterial and venous studies.
  • Complete obstetrical and gynecological ultrasound with fetal well being
  • Ultrasound guided interventional procedures such as biopsies and drainages
  • Routine abdominal/pelvic imaging
  • Transvaginal/Trans Rectal Ultrasound with truss biopsy and other guided procedures, by female and male radiologists as preferred by patient.
  • Twenty four (24) hours coverage