Nutrition is a discipline that is based on solid scientific foundations, and is an integral part of the medical care for all patients. The nutritional care offered at Rehman Clinic  goes beyond simply providing the needed nutrients for healthy living, the program also aims to provide support that can counteract underlying stress responses and improve the final health outcomes for patients.

Nutritional therapy provides the nutrient prescription, which includes an oral diet, dietary supplements, enteral nutrition or parenteral nutrition for caring of hospitalized and home patients. New and improved diets and delivery techniques are used to administer nutrients both safely and effectively in Rehman Clinic, based on the latest research available in the field of nutrition globally. Our nutrition team consists of a nutritionist, dieticians and dietetic assistants. The general services provided by the nutrition team includes: inpatient consultations, provision of home nutritional support, educational programs for patients and professionals, food service quality management and research.

Many of our clients have benefited from the creation of custom tailored nutritional therapy and dietary plans. These are based on computer assisted nutritional assessments of the patients, and are designed to cure serious conditions such as obesity (being overweight), high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and related complications.

Our achievements include the enhancement of nutritional awareness in society. This goal has been attained through the dissemination of the latest research in nutrition and dietetics through; frequent workshops, publications, and active participation in scientific forums.