Gujrat History

Gujrat City

On the G.T. Road, built by Sher Shah Suri, almost  equidistant in the middle between Lahore and Rawalpindi, Gujrat enjoys a district status in Gujranwala Division.


It is populated by about 2, 846,731 people. An average family consists of 6 or 7 members. Gujrat is famous for certain small industries like Fans and Furniture, Clay potteries and Shoe industry. Small farming dots rural Gujrat where every third family owns a farm.


G.T. Road is dotted by a ring of beautiful hotels and restaurants. Private health-out lets in the form of Clinics and Hospital exist in various parts of the city and on the G.T. Road.

University Of Gujrat

In addition to the historical Govt. Zamindar College, the city has the pride of hosting the biggest (in the country) university in the rural setting, namely University of Gujrat. An undergraduate medical college, Nawaz Sharif Medical College is fully functional. Swedish Institute of Technology is providing education in the basics of Technology & Engineering.


This is a futuristic city and is going to become a hub of industrial activity backed by strong educational and technically skilled work-force.