The Department provides a comprehensive range of services that deal with the management of surgical problems of the Digestive Tract, Breast, Thyroid gland etc.

There are 2 surgeons in this section and each one has extensive experience. The department can boast of a good rate of success.


  • Minor procedures like incision or drainage, debridement, repair of lacerations.
  • In-growing toe nail etc.
  • Major surgical procedures like appendectomies, thyroidectomies, laporactomies, Cholecystechtomies, hernia repair, mastectomy etc.
  • Surgeries of the stomach, colon, pancreas etc.
  • Laparoscopic surgeries like laparoscopic cholecystechtomy

UROLOGY CLINIC/KIDNEY TRANSPLANT-SURGICAL SERVICES (in consulation with the team at Lahore).

The transplant team recognizes that the thought of kidney transplantation is an alarming prospect for most patients. We have found that the more information patients have, the better prepared they are, and thus the easier it is for them to cope with the reality of the impending surgery. The purpose of a kidney transplant is to implant a healthy kidney unto your pelvic area that will assume the function of your damaged kidneys. Ideally, after the transplant you will no longer require dialysis and will lead a normal life, for as long as the transplant functions.


  • Kidney transplant surgery (Not yet available at Gujrat).
  • Pre-transplant evaluation.
  • Post transplant evaluation.
  • Post transplant care.
  • Management of complications of transplant patients.