• Emergency services are provided round-the-clock at Rehman Clinic, Gujrat, having 4 beds, one dressing room. The service is provided 24/7 basis by Medical Officers and nursing staff. Emergency section is equipped with cardiac monitors, defibrillators, suction machines, mobile Xrays unit, bed-side Laboratory, central Oxygen supply and Pharmacy.
• Registration is done at Reception Desk, where patient is allotted a Registration Number
• In emergency situations to save the life of the patient, the patient remains the priority. The condition of the patient and risks involved in it are assessed clearly and discussed with the attendants of the patient. Documentation of the consent form is mandatory, but it should not be a delaying factor in care of the patient.
• All the patients presenting in emergency department in acute medical /surgical condition will be treated until initially stabilized.
• However, once the emergency situation is over and the patient’s condition is stabilized, then the patient can be discharged, admitted or referred to other hospital on relevant consultant/specialist advice.
• Patient is referred in ambulance along with the nursing assistant/doctor according to the requirement of the patient judged by the concerned MO/Specialist. In case of walk-in patient without any emergency patient is referred by using his own transport. Patient will be referred/transferred on referral slip mentioning date, time, reason of referral/transfer and name of the receiving hospital along with all investigations carried out.
• In case of critically ill patient, these formalities are S fulfilled later on.
• Medico-legal cases, poisoning, and cases of dubious history are not entertained in Rehman Clinic.
• Patients are attended on the triage prioritization basis. (at the Reception Desk)