About us


Rehman Clinic, located at Bhimber Road, Gujrat is a secondary care treatment facility covering all the fields of Internal Medicine, a variety of Surgical Services and good quality Gynae/Obstetrics services. The very location of this Hospital makes it convenient for the patients of Gujrat and its peripheral areas, not to speak of the patients visiting from other adjoining districts like Gujranwala, Sialkot, Jehlum, Mandi Bahauddin and Bhimber in Azad Kashmir. Arrangements have been made to invite other specialties from Lahore and Islamabad.


Rehman Clinic, Bhimber Road, Gujrat has been established to provide quality health services to the people in and around Gujrat at affordable cost extending the concept of “HEALTH FOR ALL”. Keeping in view the needs of our area, iniatially three walk-in clinics, one each for Internal Medicine, Gynae/Obstetrics, and General Surgery has been established. These are backed by round-the-clock pharmacy, round-the-clock laboratory services, round-the-clock radiological services and respiratory functions test laboratory. Surgical services include minor and major operation theatre, and well-equipped labour room. Indoor-facilities are also available.


Very experienced Consultants, with very co-operative support staff, look after the patients in a congenial atmosphere. With our limited resources, Rehman Clinic has come of age and is poised to become a major secondary care treatment facility in the area.


Future is our destination and we have in mind to expand further in various sub-specialist dimensions, and plan to add new therapeutic and diagnostic methodologies, all for the benefit for the patients of our area.